Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 25 Minutes – Create Your First Google AdWords Campaign

Check out my 25 minute Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners. This Google AdWords Tutorial goes step-by-step for 2020 so you can create a successful search ads campaign. We start by signing in to our Google Ads account and going over the importance of conversion tracking so you can optimize your campaigns for sales or leads. Once you have your account set-up, your billing set-up, and then your conversions created, you are ready to create your first campaign. You may want to do keyword research before you get started so you know the keywords you want to target for your business. You target keywords so you can serve relevant Google AdWords ads, drive people to targeted landing pages, and drive conversions. You need to organize your Ad Groups by theme as well so the keywords are all as relevant as possible. Google Ads Playlist: Google Ads Tutorial 2020 – Step-By-Step Google AdWords Tutorial for Search Campaigns: Google Ads Q&A – 5 Google Ads Search Campaign Targeting Questions & Answers: Create Google Ads Campaigns With The Google Keyword Planner: