Google Ads Optimization Score and Recommendations

Learn how to improve your Google Ads optimization score and why it's important to work on your optimization score to get the most out of your campaign. You can find your optimization score through the Google Ads columns or by clicking on the Recommendations tab in Google Ads An optimization score is shown for Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns. Your Google Ads optimization score is a percentage that ranges from 0% to 100%. When you apply or dismiss recommendations, you can increase your score. A higher score means your campaign is likely to perform better. Essentially, it is Google's way to make sure you are running optimized ad campaigns, targeting the best keywords, creating multiple ads, utilizing ad extensions, using the best bidding strategy, and making small improvements to spend your budget wisely. A 100% score in your Recommendations tab means you have made all of best changes to your campaign. When you apply recommendations, your score will improve by percentage points and it can be small amounts around 2-5% or large amounts of 10% or more. Dismissing recommendations will improve your optimization score, but you may see those recommendations shown again in the future. Your ad rank and your quality score do not use your optimization score, it is calculated based on your current campaign set-up, organization, and settings. Small changes can improve your score drastically. In addition, you don't need to worry that Google is using your current score to calculate your ad rank. However, those changes can help your campaign perform better over time.