Google Ads In-Market Audiences

Check out our video about Google Ads In-Market Audiences where we cover how In-Market targeting works, why you should test In-Market audiences, and who should use them. They are one of the audience targeting options available through Google Ads for your Display campaigns, search campaigns, and video campaigns. Google AdWords In-Market Audiences have been available for several years now, and they have only improved over time as Google continues to improve the data they have about people searching in Google and visiting websites. It can be difficult to find and target Google Ads audiences, and you can use In-Market audiences for search ads, display ads, and video ads, so there are plenty of ways to reach your ideal audience. In-market targeting is perfect for Google advertisers who want to reach people who are actively researching, searching for, and viewing pages about products and services related to the products and services your business sells. You can not only drive new customers, you can raise awareness for your products, brand, and services. It can be very useful during promotions as well. There is a huge list of in-market auidences that you can target with categories and subcategories. About In-Market Audiences: – Reach people based on the products and services they are actively researching and in the market for. – Good for Advertisers who want to reach a targeted audience. – Can drive conversions, but it will be difficult to drive a positive ROAS using only In-Market audiences. – Google Ads has a variety of In-Market audiences that people can choose from.