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Learn how to start an online tutoring business from scratch in this full length tutorial. 10 % Hostinger Discount Use Code ELLIOTT: Online Tutoring Management Plugin: Let Us Build a Professional Website for you:​ Book a Website Review:​ Have a business/ website idea? Book a Web Design consultation for advice on getting started: 00:02:24 – The Online Tutoring Website We Will Be Building
00:07:35 – Purchasing Hosting for our online tutoring business:
00:09:55 – Claiming your FREE Hostinger Domain Name
00:12:19 – Setting up hosting & Installing WordPress
00:14:28 – Installing an SSL Certificate
00:15:57 – An Overview of WordPress
00:18:49 – Downloading & Installing the FREE Online Tutor Template:
00:22:42 – Login to your WordPress Dashboard (Username: Admin Password: youtubetemplatepleasechange)
00:23:35 – Setting up the template backend correcntly (IMPORTANT)
00:27:37 – Looking at how the website functions
00:32:49 – Looking at using the Elementor Page Builder to edit our website
00:49:33 – Editing the overall theme of the website using the Customize area
00:55:10 – Creating a free logo
00:59:13 – Purchasing & installing the online tutoring plugin:
01:04:22 – An overview of the online tutoring management plugin
01:08:20 – Creating your first 'School' for your Online Tutoring business
01:09:29 – Creating a professional email address with Hostinger
01:11:53 – Creating different classes for your Online Tutoring Business
01:17:09 – Choosing when your Online Tutoring classes will run throughout the year
01:18:06 – Splitting your Online Tutoring classes in to different sections (multiple tutor service)
01:20:35 – How to create multiple tutors for your Online Tutoring service
01:25:06 – Setting up fee types for your Online Tutoring business (monthly fees & one time fees)
01:29:46 – Setting up payment gateways (Stripe & Paypal)
01:33:50 – Go over the settings for your Online Tutoring school (IMPORTANT)
01:36:13 – Creating a inquiry page for your Online Tutoring service
01:43:53 – How to register a student manually for your Online Tutoring service
01:49:44 – Creating a registration pages to allow students to register themselves
01:59:15 – Creating a student login & dashboard for your online tutoring service
02:06:22 – Adding Live Zoom Classes to your Online Tutoring service
02:19:05 – Setting up Subjects for online Zoom classes
02:25:17 – Testing Zoom classes from the Student dashboard
02:26:24 – Creating a fee submission page to allow students to pay for your classes
02:31:44 – Configuring email templates to send bulk emails to all students at once
02:42:04 – Going through a complete workflow of Student Inquiry to Paying Student
02:46:42 – Cleaning up the website design (mobile friendly, changing colours etc)
02:57:45 – Marketing methods you can use to get paying students for your online tutoring business

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