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Hey! My name is Dan Vas, and I want to give you a warm welcome to the How To Make Your First Million course. This is by far the best work that I've ever done… I put together a completely free, life-changing course that will show you how to: -Start a successful business.
-Make your first million dollars doing what you love.
-Live & achieve your dream life.
-Start living a life of joy, happiness, fulfillment, strength and success forever. COURSE CONTROLS: ➑️ Watch The Next Lesson: πŸ’΅ Access The Full Course Here: πŸ‘‡ Subscribe To The Greatest Entrepreneurship Channel On YouTube πŸ‘‡ πŸ’― USEFUL LINKS & RESOURCES πŸ’― Like 'Dan Vas' on FB and get daily wisdom + talk with me via comments: Want to get a weekly email from me packed with wisdom, value, the best books I've been reading and the best lessons I've learned? Click here to get my weekly Freedom email:
-Coming soon! ABOUT THE COURSE: This course is the result of several years of entrepreneurship experience in my own life, going from zero to a self-made multi-millionaire in eCommerce and online business at the age of 24. I have taken every single most important and life changing wealth & success lesson that I've learned through my own journey to success, that I've had to learn through my own blood, sweat and tears, from studying the greatest and most successful people who have ever lived, and I'm sharing it with you here in this completely free course. Why am I releasing this course for FREE? Yes, I am releasing this course for FREE. Why? Because I want this information to reach as many people as possible in these difficult and trying times. We are living in one of the most revolutionary, most significant times of change in history. Now, more than ever, this information needs to reach people all over the world so that they can align their lives with their true destiny – and start rising and rising to their freedom lifeline. ABOUT THIS EPISODE: It all starts with that first step… that first step into the unknown. It's no coincidence that you're watching this course… the universe brought you here because you know you are capable of more in your life, you've seen people online making millions doing what they love, traveling the world, living the lives of their dreams… why can't you? The answer is: you can. But first, you must start on your journey. It's a long road ahead… but I am not kidding when I say that entrepreneurship is truly the greatest adventure and journey you'll embark on in your life. In this episode, we discuss getting past your limiting beliefs of whether you should make a million or not (or even if you can – spoiler: you can). We also discuss the importance of mindset: "Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day…
Teach someone to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime…" It's a known fact that rich, successful people operate by a universal mindset that all other great successful people know and operate by as well… I created this course to teach you that mindset as best as possible. WHO IS DAN VAS? I am a self-made multi-millionaire eCommerce entrepreneur, investor, CEO and Founder. At age 20, I had an awakening and realized that there was more to life than slaving away at a 9-5 for life in exchange for a TV and a paycheck. I decided to venture out into entrepreneurship and really try to achieve the life of my dreams. At age 22, I made my first million dollars through eCommerce and coaching people in starting their own eCommerce businesses as well. At age 24, I built an entrepreneurship YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers. Most of my time is spent running my company, Ecom Freedom, and working on our eCommerce brands + coaching students. In my spare time, I love making YouTube videos and sharing the best lessons and wisdom that I'm learning from my own journey to success. There is no better feeling than being able to make videos filled with valuable wisdom and sharing it with the world. There is also no better feeling than making money, achieving success, being on your freedom lifeline, and being truly happy and fulfilled – this is something that I enjoy and live every day, and through my own passion of creating videos, I want to share that feeling and advice with you.

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