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Learn how to edit videos for YouTube that drives high engagement and high audience retention rates.
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Video Marketing Resources YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos #1 (Start to Finish) ► YouTube Keyword Research: How to Get More Views Consistently ► Adobe After Effects Tutorial ► *************************************** People often ask how I edit my YouTube videos and which editing software we use to make them look “polished.” The truth is that a fancy video doesn’t matter. It’s all about driving engagement. Today, Sam Oh shows you the exact process to edit videos and drive high engagement with just a few tools. The editing programs we use to make YouTube videos are: Adobe Premiere Pro CC (production)
Adobe After Effects CC (Animation)
Adobe Audition (Audio)
Quicktime Player (Screencast recordings)
Dropbox (Collaboration) All of these tools are available on PC and mac. But you don’t need to use these exact tools. We just find that these softwares work best together. A couple substitutes could be to use Final Cut Pro X instead of Premiere Pro or to use Filmora instead of Quicktime Player. As for our editing process, this tutorial covers everything from syncing audio to cutting all unnecessary footage, to production and finalizing it with video effects. Here’s what our 10 step process looks like. First, we add all audio and visual assets to the Premiere Project. This is the place where you’ll be producing and eventually rendering your video to its final version. The second step is to clean and enhance the quality of your video’s audio. You’ll learn basic tips on how to clean up background noise and add effects to your voice to make it sound full. Next up, we cut out all mistakes from our video. Our raw video recordings are generally 2-3 times longer than the final video. You’ll learn how we quickly cut out all mistakes using the audio wave hack. The fourth step is to record additional footage like a screencast or b-roll. Being in the how-to industry, our videos often need screencast demonstrations to better illustrate what we are doing. If you’re a vlogger, then using b-roll will help connect with your audience and create dynamics within your video. We’re halfway through the video editing process. Step 5 is to sync your screencast and b-roll footage with your talking head A video with all screencast or all talking head is usually boring. This step is all about syncing audio with the video and choosing the best footage to engage your audience and create a silky smooth viewing experience. The next step is important if you want to create engaging YouTube videos. And that’s to “close the gaps.” You’ll learn how to polish your assembled video by using the gap system. The gap system is focused completely on creating the best user experience for the viewers. And by making a great viewing experience, you’ll be able to increase audience retention rates. Step 7 is to add jump cuts.
A jump cut is a transition between two shots from the same position. It creates the effect of the scene “jumping,” hence, the name, “jump cut.” You’ll learn when to use jump cuts, where to use them, and how to add them to your videos in seconds, even if you’re a complete beginner. Step 8 is to create video production notes for your editor.
Whether you’re editing your videos alone or with a team, creating production notes allows you to make a good video for your audience. This is the part where design and marketing intersect. The next step is to add all effects and animations. It’s important that you add these towards the end of your editing process because you’ll have a full view of what your video will look and sound like. This will prevent wasted time from adding and removing animations in the previous steps. The last and final step is to review your video and create a feedback loop with your team. Unlike a blog or website, you can’t add or remove edits to videos after they’ve been published. This is the step where we create a feedback loop between design and marketing to ensure that everything is optimal for our YouTube subscribers. Be sure to subscribe for more actionable marketing and SEO tutorials. STAY TUNED:
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How to Edit YouTube Videos for High Engagement

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