Update! Keyword Research During The Pandemic

Are you giving your audience EXACTLY what they are searching for during this crazy time? Do you KNOW FOR SURE what they are searching for? This video reveals the process to get the most up to date keyword search data on the shortest timeframe. For a corresponding step-by-step keyword research guide here: https://www.milesbeckler.com/how-to-do-keyword-research/ Because our world has changed with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. This means your audience's day-to-day activities have changed… And their search patterns have changed… But is your keyword research tool picking up these changes? Probably not… As you'll learn in this video. You need to use a couple of free keyword research tools in order to get the most recent and most up-to-date keyword research data. For a deeper dive tutorial on how to use Google Trends, go here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u75nbWDqymA For a deeper dive tutorial on how to use the main paid keyword tool, go here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOou986Tk1E&list=PL0sOKzn__yK1kcevy9MZq5uBZyQKa487N&index=2 For access to the main keyword research tool I use and love, visit: https://www.milesbeckler.com/kwfinder For more help with keyword research and content marketing, go here – https://www.milesbeckler.com/keyword-research-and-content-marketing-success/