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How do you achieve the good life? How do you achieve wealth, success & freedom being able to make a lot of money while doing what you love? It all starts with one secret. I've discovered this secret along my own journey from broke to success at a young age. It came to me one year into my journey, as I was studying success and reading over 400+ self development and business books. This secret is so powerful that knowing it alone and structuring your life with it in mind will allow you to live a life like nobody else can. Many people think they can't achieve success… they make up excuses for not being able to start a successful business, not being able to make 6 or 7 figures per year, not being able to meet the woman or man of their dreams… The truth lies in what I call the 'contrast bias'. Next time you set yourself a goal and you're slightly afraid of it, for example:
"I am so happy now that I am making $1 million dollars a year." Think about this: As a species, we were able to accomplish MUCH greater goals. About 60 years ago, man pulled trillions of dollars, thousands of PHDs, and enormous combined time and effort led on a massive national scale to land a man on the moon. We've been able to accomplish something what we thought before was impossible… landing a man on the moon. Is starting a successful business and achieving freedom really impossible for you?
So is making $1 million really that impossible for you?
Is meeting the man or woman of your dreams impossible for you? No — we've landed a man on the moon. Remember this 'man on the moon' principle. It will give you peace of mind and a sense of calm as you move towards high goals. The secret to the good life is:
A life that you don't need a vacation from.

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