Pinterest Ads Full Tutorial (2022) | Shopify Dropshipping & eCommerce

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Launch Ads for UGC Ads Use code Elliott15: Learn how to create Pinterest Ads for your Shopify dropshipping & eCommerce stores. Pinterest is one of the best ways to start generating sales with your Shopify dropshipping store because Pinterest Ads are 2.3 times cheaper than any other social media advertising platform. Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users which allows you to find the perfect customer for your store. 60% of Pinterest users are women, so if you are looking to sell your product to a female market, the Pinterest platform can be an amazing return on ad spend. 50% of U.S. Pinners frequently shop on Pinterest making a great platform to find paying customers for your dropshipping & eCommerce stores. 2 out of 3 users say they go to Pinterest to find new ideas, products or services they can trust, so you have a high chance of getting traffic for your dropshipping & eCommerce stores. 00:00:00 – Intro to Pinterest Ads
00:01:34 – Facts about Pinterest Ads
00:04:17 – The Pinterest Ads Funnel
00:05:36 – Creating a Pinterest Business Account
00:07:03 – Connecting your Pinterest Pixel to your Shopify Store
00:09:32 – Connecting your Pinterest Pixel to your WooCommerce Store
00:12:37 – Creating your Pinterest Profile
00:14:22 – Creating a Pin on Pinterest
00:16:36 – Looking at Ad Creative types
00:18:48 – Creating UGC ads
00:20:51 – Creating Product Video Ads
00:28:03 – Creating your first Pinterest Ads Campaign
00:38:44 – Looking at the ad results for a Pinterest Ads campaign
00:43:53 – How to set-up Pinterest re-targeting ads