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Hey, my name is Dan Vas, and I want to give you a warm welcome back to the 'How To Make Your First Million' course. Success means showing up every day, and in this lesson, I go over all of the daily practices that have helped me tremendously in achieving & maintaining success + and also achieving a peak mental state at all times. In this lesson you'll find daily goals + visualization practices, how I plan my work and my calendar, fitness/health/gym + supplementation protocol, and my reading habits. COURSE CONTROLS: ➡️ Watch The Next Lesson: 💵 Access The Full Course Here: 👇 Subscribe To The Greatest Entrepreneurship Channel On YouTube 👇 💯 USEFUL LINKS & RESOURCES 💯 Freedom Goals & Visualization Playlist Like 'Dan Vas' on FB and get daily wisdom + talk with me via comments: Want to get a weekly email from me packed with wisdom, value, the best books I've been reading and the best lessons I've learned? Click here to get my weekly Freedom email:
-Coming soon! 🛠 TOOLS MENTIONED IN THIS LESSON 🛠 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (A must-have, great for reading on the go and traveling): Moleskine Notebook (The notebook I personally use & best I've ever found): The Best Pen I've Ever Found (and the one I use every day): Evernote: Food Scale I Use For Fitness/Macro Tracking: 📕 BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS LESSON 📕 "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes "The Millionaire Fastlane" by MJ DeMarco List of all books I mentioned in the course:
-Coming soon! ABOUT THIS COURSE: We live in challenging times, perhaps the most challenging times of all. Millions of people are struggling because they lack the steps and the wisdom needed to be successful. I created this step by step, completely free, life-changing course to show you exactly how to:
-Start a successful business.
-Make your first million dollars doing what you love.
-Live & achieve your dream life.
-Start living a life of joy, happiness, fulfillment, strength and success forever. I could have easily charged hundreds of dollars for this course, but because I want this information to reach as many people as possible around the world, I decided to release it for free on YouTube. ABOUT THIS LESSON: One of my favourite quotes (that is also very very true) is:
"It's harder to stay on top of the mountain than it is to climb it." Why? Because success requires you to keep showing up every day. I used to think that once you become a millionaire, you're set for life. That's simply not true. Nobody wants to be a 'has been'. This is why I dedicated this entire lesson to sharing all of my daily practices including:
– Daily goals and visualization
– Planning tomorrow today
– Fitness/health/gym, tracking my macros, supplementation
– Reading and self-education My success is the direct result of my daily disciplined practices, and in this lesson, you'll learn it all. WHO IS DAN VAS? I am a self-made multi-millionaire eCommerce entrepreneur, investor, CEO and Founder. At age 20, I had an awakening and realized that there was more to life than slaving away at a 9-5 for life in exchange for a TV and a paycheck. I decided to venture out into entrepreneurship and really try to achieve the life of my dreams. At age 22, I made my first million dollars through eCommerce and coaching people in starting their own eCommerce businesses as well. At age 24, I built an entrepreneurship YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers. Most of my time is spent running my company, Ecom Freedom, and working on our eCommerce brands + coaching students. In my spare time, I love making YouTube videos and sharing the best lessons and wisdom that I'm learning from my own journey to success. There is no better feeling than being able to make videos filled with valuable wisdom and sharing it with the world. There is also no better feeling than making money, achieving success, being on your freedom lifeline, and being truly happy and fulfilled – this is something that I enjoy and live every day, and through my own passion of creating videos, I want to share that feeling and advice with you. Jason notes: Lesson 1 card a 4:53

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