Building My Dream Home At 25 (ALMOST FINISHED)

Building My Dream Home At 25 (ALMOST FINISHED) Free Dropshipping Course: Design Agency:
Instagram: @iconicbykaitlynwolfe Youtube: @iconicbykaitlynwolfe This house has been a project for a couple of years now due to construction delays, supply chain issues, and strict HOA rules and guidelines. Normally I would have been able to build a house like this in about 8 months but getting permits and waiting on a specific thing thats required to be complete before anything else slowed us down. Nevertheless, Ive loved the process and I feel 10x more confident about construction now than before. I look forward to building another dream home after this one is sold. For the next property I would like to build a custom luxury home in the 6,500 – 8,500 sqft range. Hopefully selling in the 8 million to 10 million dollar range.