The Ultimate SEO Checklist For New Websites | Get Traffic & Rankings FAST

The Ultimate SEO Checklist For New Websites | Get Traffic & Rankings FAST // You got a brand new website, you want higher rankings on Google. What should you do? There's so much information out there, it's so overwhelming. RESOURCES & LINKS: ____________________________________________
HelloBar: Subscribers: Ubersuggest: Buzzsumo: Ahrefs: SEMRush: Mailchimp: Pushcrew:
____________________________________________ The first item I have on the list, because it's only going to be four tips is to map out your content strategy. From topics, to keywords, what are you going after? What themes are you trying to create on your website? If you don't know what keywords and content ideas to go after, you're going to be spinning your wheels because the last thing you want to do is create content on stuff that isn't working. And you can use tools like Buzzsumo, SEMrush, Ahrefs, even Ubersuggest to all figure this out because they all show you what topics are popular and what's not on your competitors. And this is great because now you have a rule of thumb of oh, this stuff over here works and this stuff doesn't. You don't want to waste your time and your resources creating content that's not popular and no one cares about. The second thing you need to do is create a hit list of your backlink opportunities. Take all your competitor URLs, and put them into backlinks. This will show you every single person who links to them. This is important because if you don't have a link list, you're not going to know who to hit up to link back to you. Now when you're doing this, you don't want to just take a list of all your competitors, and put them into a tool like Backlinks, or even Ahrefs, you want to go and find their most relevant content that's related to yours, and see who links to their content. And then hit up those people to link to yours because you have a better piece of content that's more relevant, more up to date, and more thorough. The third thing on your checklist needs to be accessibility. Is your site mobile compatible? Does it load fast? Are you deleting all the unnecessary work plus plugins that you don't need? All these things impact your overall search topic. The rankings are important. Without a fast site, you're not going to get rankings. Speed is part of Google's algorithm, you want to make sure your site loads as fast as possible. Not just on a desktop, but also on mobile. And you can use tools like Google PageSpeed to figure out how fast your site loads. The fourth thing on your list needs to be your content distribution strategy. From how are you going to push out the content on social media? Typically what I do is I take my content, I put it out on all my social profiles at the same time. In addition to that, I'll also put it out on things like Instagram, and do live stories. And I also do that on Facebook, and do live stories. This is a good way to get people to engage in on Instagram, I'll get people to swipe up so that way they can go directly to my blog post. Another thing I do with my content distribution is I email people out that I link to, and ask them to share my content. It's a simple way to get more social shares and more traffic. And the last thing I do with my content distribution is I send out an email blast, and a push notification every time I release a new blog post. One of the most effective strategies, if you don't have an email list, start using tools like Hello Bar and Mailchimp. If you don't have push notification list, use tools like subscribers and HelloBar. ► If you need help growing your business check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital @ ►Subscribe: to learn more secret SEO tips.
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