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If you're starting a YouTube Channel in 2021, watch this first! In this video, we will be sharing some of our key learnings and top tips to help you fast-track your channel's success. When starting a YouTube channel it's important to accept that results, in the beginning, might not be as fast as you'd like but that's okay! Staying consistent, as well as continuing to improve your content for your viewers will help you to achieve success on YouTube. We hope you enjoy and find our how to start a YouTube channel in 2021 tips useful. Drop me a comment below, were are you on your YouTube journey? 📚 RECOMMENDED RESOURCES 👇 TubeBuddy ►
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Project Life Mastery YouTube Channel ► 📖 CHAPTERS 📖 00:00 Introduction
01:39 Advice for YouTube beginners
05:29 Long-term commitment
11:06 Give people what they want
19:17 Keep making progress
21:00 YouTube tips
21:14 Film in bulk
22:14 Thumbnails 24:11 Lighting
24:52 Sound
25:24 Stefan – How I got started on YouTube
26:35 TubeBuddy
27:04 Video titles Ready to get started? I've created a FREE 4-part video series that will help you learn exactly how you can start selling on Amazon and get you one step close to financial freedom. 💰I'll send you the first video straight to your inbox by clicking here: 🗣️ WANT TO ASK ME QUESTIONS?👇
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