My Greatest Lessons from My Greatest Failures In Business

I felt compelled to take the time to share with you some of the most costly and time-consuming lessons I've learned over the last five years of business. My intent is to share with you a perhaps new perspective and plant a seed for you to think about as you start your own business. I'd love to know which of the lessons most resonated with you, comment below! ? [FREE]: Get Started Selling on Amazon with my 7-Part Video Training Series: 1. The power of a team * Your growth is limited when you’re a solopreneur
2. Hire slow fire fast * One wrong hire can cost the business
3. Grow, Grow, Gone * Understand your current limitations
4. Not all debt is bad debt * Learning how to leverage debt to help grow your business
5. Bookkeeping * You want your bookkeeper to send you three statements at the end of each month. The P&L, the Balance Sheet and the Statement of Cash Flow
6. Read the fine print * Ultimately, you’re held responsible for the decisions made in your business
7. Pay 30% deposit and not a dime more * You need leverage with suppliers in order to protect yourself
8. Prioritize your self-care * Taking care of your mental health is crucial to our success ?️ TALK TO ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ? Instagram ►
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