How To Write SEO Optimized Affiliate Review Posts FAST!

To make money with affiliate marketing your review posts MUST rank on top of Google, get clicks AND convert visitors to customers… This video shows how! In this video I reveal my teams exact process for writing highly optimized affiliate review posts fast. This is the exact process and framework we are using to build our affiliate review website where we are making money doing mostly Amazon reviews. With nearly 1500 posts published to my different websites, and having reached over 40 million people with our written content on our blogs… We have figured out a process about writing SEO content fast that works. For non-affiliate posts I covered the entire process in my past how to write SEO content fast video you can find here: If you are still new to the world of search engine optimization and you are trying to learn how to get your affiliate posts to rank, be sure to watch my full SEO training class here on YouTube free: For the best tutorial on how to make money with affiliate marketing be sure to check out my affiliate marketing for beginners post that was updated here in 2020: Other videos referenced in this video: How long should your blog post be?: Keyword Research: Keyword Intent Research: