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If you have ads on your video, will YouTube give you more impressions and views? If you have ads turn off will YouTube's algorithm give you less views and impressions? This 28 day study reveals the shocking data! if you want the full story about how I grew my YouTube channel to generate $10,000 per month in income in less than 1 year, read this comprehensive blog post that reveals all – If you are new to YouTube and you want to understand how the algorithm works so you can get the YouTube algorithm promoting your videos, watch this video next: This video is going to answer the question based on data. Does YouTube reward videos that have monetization on and have ads turned on? So I've published about 700 videos on this channel over the last four and a half years. And I've always had ads turned off, but to get all these comments of people saying miles, if you turned on advertising, YouTube would show you more. And the theory here is that YouTube is main goal is to make money. They make money by displaying ads. Therefore, if I have videos with ads on, they would display me more. Now I don't believe this belief. I didn't believe this belief, but I decided to set up a 20 day, 28 day data-driven study to find out does YouTube show videos with ads, more than videos without ads. And I did a survey here. So I asked all you guys here who are subscribed to my channel. Do you think whether we're going to get more views or less view with ads turned on 83% of people said, yes, YouTube gives video with ads, more impressions and more views. So obviously this is the common thought and you're going to be surprised at what we learned. So the setup, um, I've been running. Videos here on my channel, organically without ads to the tune of about 650 videos. It's closer to 700 at this point in time, uh, over five years. So I have a huge dataset of what my channel growth to 175,000 subscribers and beyond look like and how that performed with ads turned off. So what I did is I went in. And I turned ads on for about 70 videos. So approximately 10% of my channel. And then after 28 days, I went back into all 70 of those videos and I measured the change from before and after with what my impressions did with the views, did the view duration and the view percentage, which are pretty much always looked upon as you know, the key metrics that YouTube algorithm is taking into consideration. I hope you found this data driven study of the YouTube algorithm to be enlightening. Miles Beckler

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