3 Things Every Digital Marketer MUST Master To Succeed

If you are missing just 1 of these things you won't achieve the success you desire. Get all 3 right and you will make money online! The first key is becoming a true expert in your niche and field. I covered this in extreme detail in this previous video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9aDfuHxt0QAs a digital marketer and online entrepreneur your #1 job is to help your audience with whatever their challenges, problems, goals and desires are in your niche. Too many people get confused here and they think the online business is about THEM.It's not about you… It's about your audience! When you keep this focus in the right place and you realize that your job online is to help your audience get the transformation and outcome they desire… You are most of the way there. But that's not all because there are 2 other major areas you must gain mastery of, in order to accomplish this goal. And that's exactly what is covered in the video.Then at the end we look at 2 real world examples of how this works… Thinking through the lens of a gardener who is focusing in on YouTube… Then we look at their approach as if they were going to focus only on Facebook ads and funnels. You will see how the difference in approaches changes the number of learning curves that you will have to go through as a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur. If you are truly committed to dominating your niche through content marketing… Be sure to read this post about my 3 step DIY content marketing process — https://www.milesbeckler.com/diy-content-marketing/ It takes time, persistence and the right focus to create true success online… This video will give you some much needed perspective and motivation to go forth and dominate in your niche, today!