How to Get PAID Brand Deals in 2019 (For SMALL Influencers!)

Brand deals can be really intimidating. Especially if you only have a small following to leverage. But this video will explain EXACTLY how to get brand deals on instagram with a small account, how to reach out to brands for small accounts, how much to charge for brand deals 2019, how to get paid brand deals with small following, and how get sponsored on instagram for small accounts. I'll cover how to find paid brand deals for small accounts, as well as another frequently asked questions: how to reach out to brands for small accounts and do followers matter for brand deals in 2019? So if you're a creator and want to learn how to find paid collaborations in 2019 or how much should i charge for instagram posts 2019, then this video will help you out a lot. I'm super excited to use my experience both as a creator as a brand rep to share this with you. To learn how to work with brands and make money in 2019 and how to get brand deals with less than 10K followers…just keep on watching! How to Get PAID Brand Deals in 2019 (For SMALL Influencers!) **BUSINESS TOOLS I RECOMMEND** Bookkeeping – BENCH ACCOUNTING (Get 20% OFF your first 6 months with my link): All-in-One Course Creation Platform – KAJABI: Business Email Management – GSuite: Email Marketing – CONVERTKIT: Video Conferencing – ZOOM: Want more software recommendations? **DOWNLOAD THE FREE ULTIMATE SOFTWARE CHECKLIST FOR COACHES** ***BOOKS I RECOMMEND*** 1) DOTCOM SECRETS – RUSSELL BRUNSON 2) THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF SELLING – JEFFREY GITOMER 3) CA$HVERTISING – DREW WHITMAN 4) BUILDING A BRAND STORY – DONALD MILLER 5) HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE – DALE CARNEGIE ** YOUTUBE OPTIMIZATION PLUG-IN I USE ** TUBEBUDDY: **YOUTUBE EQUIPMENT I USE**: Backdrop Stand:
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