7 Lessons From My First Multi-Million Dollar Year

Here are 7 lessons from my first multi-million dollar year that I learned the hard way. Wanna know my honest thoughts and lessons from making over multiple millionaire dollars? In this Turn Your Followers Into Clients Podcast episode, I’ll cover the lessons I learned. From how to make money to how to become a millionaire. Here are lessons from a millionaire on how to be wealthy and successful. This episode goes deep into the reality of entrepreneurship, whether masterminds are worth it, how I spend my money, how to hire your first employees, what it’s like being a 7-figure female entrepreneur and women in business. Keep watching and let me know what you think! TIMESTAMP
0:00 – 3:48 Background on my business 3:48 – 16:47 Lesson #1 Masterminds are over-glorified 16:47 – 28:12 Lesson #2 You don’t need better coaches, you just need a better team 28:12 – 32:54 Lesson #3 Hiring experts is worth it 32:54 – 38:24 Lesson #4 There’s power in perfecting just 1 product, how I made $2.7 million 38:24 – 48:10 Lesson #5 You set the tone for what you put up with
48:10 – 54:13 Lesson #6 At some point you’re going to hate your business 54:13 – 1:04:08 Lesson #7 Spend the money that you’re making ** FREE INSTAGRAM TRAINING: NEW TRAINING TO TURN YOUR FOLLOWERS INTO CLIENTS: **
https://followerstoclients.link/free *** READ SHOWNOTES: https://www.vanessalau.co/7-lessons-from-my-first-multi-million-dollar-year/ ***LISTEN TO THE TURN YOUR FOLLOWERS INTO CLIENTS PODCAST*** 🎧 Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/7-lessons-from-my-first-multi-million-dollar-year/id1501281184?i=1000519242558

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7 Lessons From My First Multi-Million Dollar Year

7 Lessons From My First Multi-Million Dollar Year










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