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5 Mistakes that Cost Me Over $50,000 (DON'T do THIS!) Want to know the top mistakes to avoid in your first year of business? This video covers the expensive mistakes to avoid in business, covering over $50,000 worth of business mistakes I made in my first year. While watching this video, you'll learn some times on what to do in your first year of business, how to make money online, crucial online business tips for beginners, and some insight into entrepreneurship for beginners. This video truly dissects the rookie mistakes in business a lot of new service providers and entrepreneurs make, and while watching you may pick up some lessons on: how to work with clients for beginners, get new entrepreneurship ideas 2021 which may inspire you to start online business in 2021. These are key financial mistakes to avoid and I cannot wait for you to dive in! TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 – Get This Free E-Book! 1:27 – How I lost $30,000 worth of prospects 6:26 – How I spent $20,000+ on the wrong Masterminds 11:13 – How I lost hundreds per month on choosing the wrong software 13:14 – How I lost thousands when I incorporated my business 16:03 – How I lost thousands (or millions) because I gave LIFETIME access to my programs πŸ‘‰ GET THE E-BOOK HERE (50 LESSONS IN MY FIRST YEAR OF BUSINESS): https://www.followerstoclients.com/ebook/ **FREE TRAINING TO TURN YOUR FOLLOWERS INTO CLIENTS ON INSTAGRAM: **
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Lens (To make the background blurry like you see a lot of Youtubers have!):
https://geni.us/HcmOWPQ πŸŽ™οΈ AUDIO:
Microphone With Boom Stand (I have this one!):
Microphone Without Boom Stand (If you want just a shotgun mic and save some money!)
https://geni.us/R0dsQB πŸ’‘ LIGHTING:
LED Lights (these are GREAT VALUE!):
Light Diffusers (not 100% necessary but good to make the light less harsh!):
https://geni.us/2ukwIhC πŸŽ‰ ACCESSORIES:
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Micro SD Card:
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https://geni.us/A2g3 **GET ALL OF MY EQUIPMENT HERE**:
https://www.vanessalau.co/tools/ Disclaimer Vanessa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to www.amazon.com. Video edited by: https://www.createandelate.com/ *** JOIN THE TURN YOUR FOLLOWERS INTO CLIENTS FACEBOOK GROUP***
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This group is hosted by Vanessa Lau. She is a marketing strategist, business coach, and content marketing expert who grew her business to multiple 6 figures in one year alone using the power of social media.⁣
She now uses this group to teach other coaches, consultants, experts, and strategists how to leverage social media to create massive tribes and drive quality leads to their client-based businesses.⁣
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