The DEATH Of Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping 2020

Are Facebook ads finally dead for Dropshipping on Shopify into 2020? Here's what you need to know…. Instagram: @BOWLES START HERE:
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Snapchat ► hayden123bowles EcommSeason YouTube Channel: ___________________________________________________________________________ The DEATH Of Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping 2020 In this video I break down 3 reasons why Facebook Ads are going to be and have been a lot harder into 2020. If you are trying to use Facebook Ads to start making more sales on Shopify, consider these things before you dump a lot of time and energy into your marketing on Facebooks advertising platform. There's plenty of ways to scale stores with Facebook Ads, and I don't think it will just completely disappear. The game might change, but nothing is going away. Facebook is the most popular platform with some insane targeting features! Focus on learning Facebook Ads, understanding how to run ads profitably and how to stay out of trouble! Drop a LIKE if you enjoyed the video!
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