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Want my team & I to completely run your ads? Apply here: https://tannerplanes.typeform.com/to/qgqCnsB6 Subscribe for more business / ecom videos! Connect with me on Instagram @TannerPlanes Watch free weekly livestreams on my ecom Instagram @ucent Just over six months ago I took over a dropshipping store that was built poorly, and only generating a few thousand dollars per month in revenue. Within the second month I was able to scale to over $220,000 in revenue but ended up with a payment processor issue due to a faulty supplier. Within the following months I continued to scale using Facebook ads and eventually brought inventory to the United States to keep the payment processors happy, and the customers happier. With ups and downs the business has now hit the seven-figure mark and is soon ready to scale after some final touch ups. 0:00 Introduction to the store
0:33 Finding a million dollar product
2:18 Utilizing pixel checkers & ad libraries
4:48 Simple changes to make a store stand out 6:25 Exact product testing strategy & keyword research
10:09 Exact scaling strategy for a winning product
15:03 Going from drop-shipping to US fulfillment 18:43 Payment processor issues & good credit cards
23:10 Building a team to automate the business

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