Why are senior developers learning low-code and AI tools? [Adrian Twarog Interview #129]

On this week's episode of the podcast, freeCodeCamp founder Quincy Larson interviews Adrian Twarog. He's a Software Engineer who started his career by working as the office IT guy at a school and other offices for 10 years. He's since published YouTube courses that millions of people have watched. We talk about:
How Adrian built his development skills by volunteering to taking on web design projects at work
How he started making design tutorials on YouTube and published 300 in a single year
How he was early to the AI engineering craze and published GPT tutorials with millions of views
– Adrian's many freeCodeCamp courses, and his gorgeous book on design fundamentals
Being a dev in Perth, Australia – on the other side of the Earth from Silicon Valley – yet still staying at the forefront of the state of the art Can you guess what song I'm playing on my bass during the intro? It's from a 1995 industrial rock anthem. Also, I want to thank the 9,771 kind people who support our charity each month, and who make this podcast possible. You can join them and support our mission at: https://www.freecodecamp.org/donate Links we talk about during our conversation: Adrian's popular video "Real life RPG to track your life": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMn9sxCWN0M Adrian's UX course on freeCodeCamp: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/ui-ux-design-tutorial-from-zero-to-hero-with-wireframe-prototype-figma/ Merge, Adrian's Discord community for devs: https://www.mergewebdev.com/ Adrian's design book, Enhance UI: https://enhanceui.com/ Sections:
0:00:00 Adrian Twarog: An Unconventional Approach to Technology
0:03:08 From Perth to Silicon Valley: Adrian's Developer Origin Story
0:05:35 Using Low-Code and No-Code Tools to Get Things Done Faster
0:31:09 Building a Team and Transitioning to Teaching
0:33:16 The Night Owl Content Creator
0:37:29 Continuous Improvement
0:42:18 Striving for Better Content
0:46:39 Sketching Ideas
0:53:13 Visualizing Projects Before Coding
0:56:08 AI Tools for Developers
1:03:39 Enhancing the Development Process
1:05:02 AI Evangelist
1:05:20 The Impact of Copyright Strikes on Creators
1:05:47 AI Tools Solving Problems in Web Development
1:05:17 The Role of AI Evangelist and Freelancing
1:07:16 The Importance of Design Fundamentals
1:08:46 Creating a Design Course for Developers
1:10:27 Building a Community and Offering Design Reviews
1:14:50 Navigating Client Communication and Recommendations
1:26:23 The Rise of Low Code and No Code in Web Development
1:31:08 AI Tools in Web Development
1:35:08 Streamlining the Web Development Process
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