#LockdownConf – How Developers are Adapting to the Coronavirus – All 4 Conference Panels

Here's the full 4-hour conference. We did this all live from cities all over the world on April 14th. Quincy Larson and Hashnode co-founder Fazle MC'd the event. Each of the panels featured 3 developers from around the world, answering questions from the community. ——————–
Panel 1: How to learn new skills while social distancing Dhawal Shah – https://twitter.com/dhawalhshah Founder of https://ClassCentral.com Emma Bostian – https://twitter.com/emmabostian
Developer and Host of the Ladybug Podcast https://ladybug.dev Angie Jones – https://twitter.com/techgirl1908
Senior Developer Advocate, director of testing at https://testautomationu.com ——————–
Panel 2 @ 15.00 GMT – How to work from home effectively Jessica Chan – https://twitter.com/thecodercoder
Developer and Course Creator, Instagram tutorials: https://www.instagram.com/thecodercoder/ Colleen Schnettler – https://twitter.com/leenyburger
Ruby on Rails Consultant Siddharth Kshetrapal – https://twitter.com/siddharthkp
Developer at https://codesandbox.io ——————–
Panel 3: How to find developer jobs during the pandemic Andrew Brown – https://twitter.com/andrewbrown
Developer and Founder of https://ExamPro.co Laurence Bradford – https://twitter.com/learncodewithme
Developer and Founder of https://learntocodewith.me Aline Learner – https://twitter.com/alinelernerLLC
Developer and Founder of https://interviewing.io ——————–
Panel 4: How to landing freelance contracts Phoebe Voong-Fadel – https://twitter.com/PhoebeVF
Front-end Web Developer & Writer for https://freecodecamp.org Luke Ciciliano – https://twitter.com/Luke_Ciciliano
Developer and Entrepreneur Bolaji Ayodeji – https://twitter.com/iambolajiayo
Developer Evangelist & Outreach at https://hashnode.com ——————– A special thanks to Matthew Potter for volunteering his audio-visual, design, and production work for this. His setup: https://twitter.com/AskMP/status/1250131314507952128 Stay safe, everyone. And happy coding.