How To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business In 2020

Click Here To See Testimonials & Apply: So here's the truth about how to get to $10,000+ per month in your affiliate marketing marketing business.. and how to scale it to $100,000+ THIS year. Ok I'm just going to come out and say it… If you want to start scaling your affiliate marketing business FAST it's not about promoting someone else's product with paid advertising… It's about promoting your OWN offer on the front end of your advertising. "So Josh, what if I don't know how to create my own front end offer?" Don't worry, I'll get to that in just a second. Let me just address one issue… Most affiliates struggle to succeed because: A) The affiliate offer may just suck and not convert regardless of how good your traffic is. B) They can't run traffic or scale because their Facebook/YouTube ads accounts continually get shut down. C) They don't know how to run paid traffic correctly in the first place. D) They don't get to keep all of the money. In other words, for example they spend $100 in ads but only get back $25. This again, keeps them from scaling. E) They aren't able to track where their sales are coming from because the product creator doesn't allow you to put tracking on their website…. Leaving them feeling like they are throwing darts blindly at a dart board. F) The affiliate manager never pays on time. Once again, making scaling difficult in a time of need. G) They have little to no control over the sales process Everything I listed above I had issues with in my own business and got so frustrated I decided to solve this problem myself… I went out there and… A) Created my own front end offer that was compliant with ADS B) Tested and tweaked the offer until it converted C) I was able to scale because nearly broke EVEN on the front end of my advertising… which means I spent around $22,000 in ads last month and made back $22,000! This means I got leads for nearly FREE and everything I promoted on the back end was pure profit! D) I Was able to keep 100% of the commissions! E) I was able to track effectively and get rid of ads that didn't work and scale ads that DID work! F) I had my own merchant account so I didn't have to rely on an affiliate manager! G I had complete control over the sales process because I created and had access to my own sales pages… So let's get back to the question… "Josh, what if I don't know how to create my own front end offer?" Simple answer… How would you like to copy my whole entire process along with MY products and keep 100% of the money directly deposited into your bank account? * I'll give you all of the assets – The sales pages, products, membership site, email follow up, and automation tools *I'll help you set up your merchant account so you can process transactions *I'll give you my EXACT YOUTUBE ADS and show you exactly how I place these ads to generate the results you see below. I'll even show you how to place your own ads if you wish. *I'll give you the ability to earn 100% commissions on all of my front end products. *I'll allow you to earn extra commissions off of the affiliate income streams within the membership site. Below you can see I did an EXTRA $2,000 In affiliate income with kartra *Ill show you how to recruit affiliates effortlessly and earn extra $$ off of their efforts without any extra work *I'll give you lifetime updates of changes I make to the system so you can make these changes as well to keep up to date and keep your conversions HIGH. * I'll show you how to set up and manage your own private Facebook community allowing you to further build relationships with your buyers and promote other products. This means if we add upsells/downsales, update the membership site, update sales pages etc. you'll be able to do this too!