YouTube SEO Tutorial 2020 – Rank Higher on YouTube and Increase YouTube Views

If you want to rank higher on YouTube, you need to follow our YouTube SEO 2020 Tutorial and Tips for success. Surfside PPC drives over 50% of its views from the YouTube search engine and from Google SEO as well, so they are vital sources of traffic for our channel. If you want to learn more about my step-by-step process for ranking my videos higher in the YouTube search engine and in Google too, watch this video immediately. We start with YouTube keyword research and then focus on creating high-quality content and engaging videos related to those videos. The best way to rank higher on YouTube is to dominate specific topics and find unique angles to reach an audience that is interested in the type of content you are creating. Why is YouTube SEO important? YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. If you can drive people to your videos consistently, it will drastically increase your views. Since targeting people searching your keywords is one of the best SEO strategies and Digital Marketing strategies in general, YouTube Search Engine Optimization is vital for success. It can help you increase views, engagement, shares, subscribers, comments, and watch time. How do I increase my SEO ranking on YouTube? You want to focus on retention rate, keywords in your title, great thumbnails, average watch time, long descriptions, engagement, comments, shares, likes, and more to increase your rankings. There are a variety of YouTube SEO factors, but ultimately you want to target YouTube SEO keywords, optimize your title, optimize your description, fill out tags, improve your engagement, and more. YouTube SEO Tools & YouTube Keyword Research Tools: YouTube Autocomplete YouTube Keyword Tool SEO Review Tools: Keywords Everywhere: TubeBuddy: VidIQ: Helpful Videos: Complete Surfside PPC SEO Tutorials Playlist: Hashtags: #SPPC #SPPCSEO #SEO #SearchEngineOptimization