Bing Ads Negative Keywords Lists Tutorial – Microsoft Advertising Negative Keywords

Check out our Bing Ads Negative Keyword Lists Tutorial where we cover exactly how to add negative keywords to your Bing Ads Search Campaigns. Microsoft Advertising Negative Keywords are vital to help you improve the results of your campaigns. What are Negative Keywords: Google Ads Negative Keywords for Search & Display Campaigns and Negative Keyword Lists 2019: Negative keywords are used to prevent your advertisements from being displayed for specific search terms or search phrases. When a customer has a search query that is unrelated to your products and services, you can use negative keywords to ensure that your ads don't show. You can use campaign-level negative keywords and ad group level negative keywords in Bing Ads to exclude certain key term or phrases from your campaigns or ad groups. For the most part, I use campaign-level negative keywords but there are some instances where you might want to add negatives at the Ad Group Level. When it comes to negative keyword match types in Bing Ads, there are phrase match and exact match negative keywords. When you are excluding specific search terms or phrases, you can choose the match type at that time. You can add both at the same time, although phrase match will cover the exact match versions as well so you don't need to do that. Google Ads Negative Keywords: If you are interested in learning more about negative keyword lists and some negative keyword best practices in Google AdWords, you can visit the page on our website below. Google AdWords negative keywords are very similar to Bing Ads. Google Ads Negative Keywords Tutorial: