Think Retail On Air Keynote: Your holiday performance, multiplied by Google AI

This year, capture the full opportunity that the holiday season has to offer. By leveraging Google’s AI-powered solutions and deep customer insights, retailers can turn 2022 learnings into 2023 earnings and make this their strongest year yet. Debunking the myths of holiday readiness: How retailers should rethink their strategy for the 2023 holiday season and beyond Macroeconomic conditions and consumer behaviors this holiday season may feel familiar, but that doesn’t mean that retailers can recycle their holiday strategies from last year. Hear from Coresight Research, a leading research and advisory firm at the intersection of retail and tech, as they demystify common marketing myths and share their perspective on where retailers should be investing their marketing into 2024. Unpacking the four holiday shopper mindsets
This holiday season, four main shopper mindsets will drive purchasing behaviors. Go deeper on these holiday shopping trends with Google's research and insights team to identify untapped opportunities and win your highest-value customers. Supercharge your holiday performance with Google AI Google's latest AI innovations for retail – by the team that's building them. Discover how you can harness the power of AI to enhance your creativity, drive growth, and connect with customers no matter how unpredictable their behaviors may be. Retailer spotlight: How leading brands are using AI to multiply their expertise and creativity this holiday season What sets any marketing strategy apart is the human ingenuity behind it. Hear from leading brands as they share how their creativity, multiplied by AI, has helped them craft high-performing strategies to drive better outcomes for the holiday season and beyond.